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About Obessia Kennels
Obessia Kennel is one of the top and reputed kennels in India. It's a part of Obessia Pet Care and the name (prefix/suffix) has been registered with the in the year 2017. The kennel was founded by an avid pet lover Dr. Dipen Majumder and his team out of their true love and passion for dogs. Our goal is to promote ethical breeding and also to improve the breed quality (in terms of anatomy, health and genetics) of some dogs that we are living with since many years. Dogs are family. All of our pooches live with us inside our home and they lead a lavish yet disciplined lifestyle.

We occasionally breed our dogs and sell puppies to selective individuals and families. Please note that we are not here to sell puppies. We don't need to earn our bread-and-butter by selling dogs and puppies. So, Obessia is not at all the right place where someone can come with cash anytime and leave with a puppy. We don't arrange/import/resale/trade dogs and puppies for anyone and hence, we can't entertain such requests.
Dogs are not our whole life, but they make our lives whole.

Our main aim is always to find our puppies a very loving, caring, responsible and most importantly forever home. As a dog breeder, we respect and do follow all the and guidelines of the and as well as .

Obessia.com is no more limited to showcase our own breeds of dogs and puppies. We cover some importnt aspects of pet care like food and nutrition, health and diseases, vaccination, grooming and maintainance, training, socialization, dog breeding, dog shows etc. We have a strong user base who are genuine pet lovers and our regular readers. We are getting decent amount of daily website traffic mostly from India(75%-80%), UK and USA which are increasing day by day.

At Obessia Pet Care, we have recently introduced some professional like pet health checkup by vets, pet grooming, pet boarding and dog training. On this website, every one can book an appointment online to avail any of our services.
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