Shih Tzu
The Shih Tzu was developed centuries ago in the palace of the Chinese emperor. Shih Tzu means little lion. For many years, Shih Tzu lived the life of royal lap dogs, pampered by royal families. With an elegant carriage and luxurious coat, the little Shih Tzu is canine royalty, prized as a pet for centuries. The adorable bundle of fur with dark shining eyes will grow up to be a charming and lively companion. Small in stature, but sturdy and big-hearted, Shih Tzu puppies are playful and entertaining. Shih Tzus are fun-loving dogs bred purely for companionship. They are a small breed with lots of personality, and typically follow their people from room to room as they move around the house. Shih Tzus are affectionate and outgoing. They are usually healthy dogs with some genetic predisposition to certain conditions. They enjoy being part of the family and have lots of love to give.
Useful Information

General Info

Breed Group: Toy
Origin: China
Size: Small
Weight (Adult): 4 - 8 Kg (Male) & 4 - 7 Kg (Female)
Height (Adult): 9 - 11 Inch (Male) & 9 - 10.5 Inch (Female)
Average Lifespan: 12 - 16 Years
Personality: Outgoing, Affectionate, Intelligent, Playful, Confident, Curious, Alert, Independent.
Bark Tendencies: - Low to Moderate
Exercise Needs: - Low (15 to 30 min / Day)
Watchdog Ability: - Very Good
Trainability: - Trainable
Child Friendliness: - Not very friendly
Stranger Friendliness: - Friendly
Dog Friendliness: - Friendly
Socialization: - Early socialization required
Breed Standard: KC London | AKC | FCI

Our Shih Tzu
Breed Name/Type: Shih Tzu
Colour: Liver-Brown & White
Registered Name: Fantasy's Flora
Age / Sex: 1.5 Years | Female
Name of the Sire: Am. CH. Fantasy's Amore Roberto (Robbie)
Name of the Dam: Am. CH. Fantasy's Scarlet Fever (Scarlet)
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