Saint Bernard
The Saint Bernard is a large, strong and muscular dog. They have a massive head with short and wide muzzle. Saint Bernards are very gentle, friendly and very fond of children. They are slow moving, calm, obedient, extremely loyal and always eager to please. They need to be socialized at a young age with people and other animals. Saints are highly intelligent and easy to train; however, training should begin early, while the dog is still a manageable size. The Saint Bernard is a good watchdog. Even its size is a good deterrent. They drool after they drink or eat. Be sure you remain the dog's pack leader. Dogs want nothing more than to know what is expected of them and the St. Bernard is no exception. Allowing a dog of this size and magnitude to be unruly can be dangerous and shows poor ownership skills. Saint Bernards have a highly developed sense of smell and also seem to have a sixth sense about impending danger.
Useful Information

General Info

Breed Group: Working
Origin: Switzerland & Italy
Size: Giant
Weight (Adult): 60 - 80 Kg (Male) & 55 - 70 Kg (Female)
Height (Adult): 28 - 30 Inch (Male) & 26 - 28 Inch (Female)
Average Lifespan: 8 - 10 Years
Personality: Intelligent, Calm, Stubborn(sometimes), Watchful, Loyal & Obedient.
Bark Tendencies: - Moderate
Exercise Needs: - 30 to 45 min / Day
Watchdog Ability: - Excellent
Trainability: - Trainable
Child Friendliness: - Very friendly
Stranger Friendliness: - Friendly
Dog Friendliness: - Friendly
Socialization: - Required
Breed Standard: KC London | AKC | FCI

Our Saint Bernard
Breed Name/Type: Saint Bernard (Medium Coat)
Colour: White with Brown Splash
Registered Name: Epic's Leela
Age / Sex: 3 Years | Female
Name of the Sire: Kings Mill Ulrich
Name of the Dam: Am. CH. Epic Seduction
Pedigree Details:
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